My brother is leading a project that aims to tackle a global problem – the education of the world’s poorest children. Current statistics show that 50 million children will never go to school, 250 million will remain illiterate and that the educational models of today are not effective in reaching this margin.

Inspired by seeing how his own children have a tendency to learn interactively from smart devices, his approach is similar – develop a deploy-able, autonomous smart device capable of understanding and teaching a child, drawing from an ever-increasing library of resources, able to teach anything from basic literacy and arithmetic to rocket science. The idea is not to replace teachers but to facilitate the teaching process where teachers are missing. The formative brain in children is incredibly intuitive and can quickly adapt to a new environment. Consider how well your own child can navigate your smart device without being taught. Pilot projects have already seen remarkable results – children learning the ABC’s within months, without any outside interaction. The fundamental technology and educational resources already exist and are improving each year. What is needed is to draw them together with a very clear vision and direction.

My brother and his team are raising the initial capital needed to take them through the first phase. If this work interests you then please read on. If you would like to support it, please do.

Here is the link to their official project site,

and here to their official Crowd-rise fund-raising campaign.





My last Sunday in Kona was spent with friends on a little adventure. I think that, in the book of Psalms, where it is written “brothers dwell together in unity” the word “dwell” in ancient Hebrew actually means “clamber over sharp Hawaiian lava rock in search of lagoon”. Well, we found it. Beautiful. I’m amazed how those guys back then knew about this place! The surface water was icy (for Hawaii) and yet a few feet below was the warmer sea water. A very strange combination and a sighting of a turtle almost 4 feet long. The adventure was rounded off with good old prayer and real communion – the old-fashioned way!


As most of you may are aware by now, I left the YWAM base in Kona, Hawaii to return to New York to spend time with family and good friends. It was good to catch up on the latest trends like FROZEN – I almost had the script memorized, and JUSTIN TIME – actually a really good kids series (parents take note). I also finally watched The Hobbit and Man of Steel. I still have a lot of catching up to do! I also got the snow I was hoping for! – sorry rest of NY State. Thanks Bodo and Heather for my time with you all. Great to hang with new Levin – It’s just obvious that good looks run in the family!

Family in Rheinbeck

Bodo’s video

Rheinbeck snow ring


Levin’s big steps






Capture DubspotMy brother has been helping pioneer and expand a DJ/music school company, Dubspot. They’ve been launching a new school in LA and an online version as well. I didn’t realize this at first but it’s right up my alley – well, just a
few blocks over! Bar the swag and lingo, it’s all about the music and they’re pretty good at it. I got signed up for a Capture Dubspot2Logic ProX course worth quite a bit thanks to someone. I’m now also the proud owner of a MacBook, which has since been renovated, turbo-charged, and being very much enjoyed. Thanks to that same someone for helping me get it!



For those who know Philip and Sharon, they send their greetings. I was able to spend some time with them again, and Scuppers – the hound and honorary family member. Always a pleasure!! One thing led to another and I was invited to a ‘Worship Intensive’ (for those not familiar to the weird Christian jargon, just read “Music Training”). It was hosted by ‘Liquid Church’, who do such a good job of using media in ministry, and had some well known names give us some of their nuggets of wisdom. More about these nuggets later… They have a great online library of past and current sermons with some very interesting topics.


Capture Malawi Website

 Alex, from our Children’s Home in Malawi is doing well. He travelled to South Africa to find some work to help support the home. He is now working in Cape Town on a six month work permit and doing really well. This will enable him to send money home and help bring some projects to life. Ruth is back home running the home and the little businesses. On a more serious note, one of Alex’s nieces, who had very strongly opposed and sometimes hindered the work of the home, came to them to ask forgiveness – which was amazing. Sadly though she passed away a few days later from illness. A bittersweet moment. We press on for what good lies ahead and Malawi looks forward to the harvest season which is near. Our first new major project for the home will be providing running water. Thanks to YWAM and now LiquidChurch, I have several leads who could help with this. How do you rebuild a country? A day and a step at a time.


And now the grand finale – Where am now…??

union-jack-fadedWith much favor and grace along the way – and along that way was spared the overnight at Heathrow by a good friend and joined in on her Home Group with even more friends from home. A pleasant passage through the Queen’s land! Thanks Joanne, Alex and Liz – ’twas great to see you all again! Pinkies!

german-flagI arrived in Germany the next day which is where I’ll be for a while. I’m planning to use my time off work to study further with Dubspot and work on the Banyan Tree Album. This is IMG_8766a collection of twenty student song recordings from the Elevate School of Worship (alternatively read ‘Music School’) which I hope to turn into a student album, before 2024!
<– Click left for one of the first tracks, by JJ, ‘My One’


It’s quite an adjustment coming from ‘full time ministry’ back into.. I want to say ‘the real world’, but that’s all not accurate, though part of it is. Those who know me know I’m not afraid to work hard, yet now I feel an awkward hesitation to just dive right in again. Almost a longing for what was and was not completed. A desire for further ministry, a longing for that part in something bigger, something unpredictable and unmeasurable, something so unashamedly large in its proclamation yet very easy to miss and simply pass by. Nonetheless the drawing of the heart is there, guiding the one who hears. The Kingdom we’re seeking comes from within and I believe more and more that the essence of our lives is being in fellowship with that King. It’s good to work. Jesus worked with his hands. Paul with his. We with ours. And all the while we live out the coming of that Kingdom we long for. I sure do long to see it come, all the more, and see it come again. And not juIMG_7160 - Krefeld Churchst in my life but in the lives of many. For though many don’t know it, what they really do long for is that very Kingdom – righteousness, peace and joy, forgiveness, purity, love, hope, faith – living life to the fullness of what He has for us, and yet few find it. Sometimes hindered by others, sometimes hindered by ourselves, yet always within reach of what we all need to get there, grace.


Walking in the rain

I know what it feels like to pull away when you’re afraid of getting hurt. It’s safe. Like walking to visit a friend and then halfway it starts to rain and rain hard. You find some shelter to stay somewhat dry and wait it out. You realize the rain ain’t gonna stop anytime soon and you’re stuck under an eave. You have a decision – go back home or carry on and arrive drenched at the friend’s house. I’ve often felt myself wanting to draw back from this. Not because I didn’t want it but because I didn’t want to get hurt, didn’t want to get my hopes up too high in case its rejected and it all comes crashing down. And it did hurt. It’s like you said – the heart is like this little muscle crab and it pulls back into it’s shell to protect itself. Yeah, there were many times I would have done the same and let it. Pull away and be safe. It would be the safest thing to do of course. But every time I hear a voice, more like a sound really or a fresh breeze coming up from the valley, keep trying, don’t give up, though it tarries it will come. Then I comfort my heart to carry on and as I do, I feel a grace and a strength to do just that. So I continue. Sometimes we get caught out in the rain, it happens, it is a big deal and it does hurt. The question is where you want to spend the rest of the afternoon. Make it on to your friend’s house and you won’t arrive looking like you had hoped, but they’ll love you all the more for having made your way through the rain and get you a change of clothes. Sometimes the wisest choices aren’t the safest. Either way we decide where to spend the rest of the day.


Love is steadfast, love is strong. It goes the distance.
an easy-to-read update.

I continue at YWAM with music department working on the tech side of sound for the campus and have also been doing some auto-mechanic work. I can now proudly say that I’ve successfully changed out a radiator and thermostat on a Chevy and it’s working like it was meant to! I enjoyed a quick 5Km fun-run last Friday in aid of an organization that helps place kids into families, “Run for the one”.They raised enough money to process two more adoptions. The Lord continues to work deep in my heart. He has been drawing me to really ‘abide in him’ more and to trust in him. I would not trade this for the world! I also feel the end of this season and the beginning of a new one – like the coming of dawn. I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time now. To those praying for me and those supporting me, Thank-you.

Two good articles I read challenged and encouraged me to do better at relationships and understand what is long-lasting and real. I am learning much along the way and these are two good blogs I’ve read. The one is about loving well, the other about loving real.

Two Fridays ago I was really impressed by the students of the School of Worship at their song-sharing. I felt that their songs needed to ‘go out’ and be heard. So I hope to help do just that. We’re now planning to record the student’s songs and produce a ‘compilation album’ for them. I’m really excited about this project and am looking forward to the end result. The album will be called “Songs by the Banyan tree”

The children’s home in MALAWI is still hard-pressed yet pressing on. Our two mills are doing well. The income is small but steady and is providing about $10 per week as a tithe to the home. I also sent some money to Alex to help Ruth start her own little business. She makes fresh juices and Mango-pickle from what she collects from the surrounding farms and sells it at the nearby hospital and schools. We are hopeful for her little business. She is a hard worker and does all she can to help – a real pillar beside Alex and a real mother to the kids. (read original article here)

“The mandate given to Christians to disciple nations includes declaring and demonstrating the Kingdom of God or the rule of God in all things pertaining to life.” –  my friend-and-pastor-from-back-home-a-long-time-ago released his book called Unstoppable Kingdomabout apostolic leadership and transformation. It’s higher-grade and bound to be a good read. For those interested check it out on Amazon.

Happy Thanksgiving and keep well,

Change the way you think

“Nothing is impossible with God. I will live from that resource all the days of my life. When I see my circumstances before me without hope I’m believing a lie. Any situation of my life, any area of my life where there is no hope, it is because I am believing a lie. We become tolerant of those areas in our life because we just sweep it under the rug of ‘oh, well that’s just human, that’s what being human is. I guess without Jesus that would be a good explanation, a good excuse. Look at what God says, until you see what God says.”                      Bill Johnson, Bethel Church – A renewed mind